Little-known car knowledge

Little-known car knowledge

  The small grains of sand left on the wiper will scratch the glass. The harder dust and dirt on the glass will damage the wiper, and it will be damaged once or twice. Then the wiper will leave a strip of residual traces when brushing the rain, so when you can wipe the glass with a towel, try not to use the wiper. Before driving, lift the wiper to release the remaining sand, which is good for both the wiper and the glass.

  There are two gears for the window regulator switch. The first gear is instant stop, and the second gear is all the way to the end. When the second gear is used, it can be released by pressing once, so that the glass can move by itself. If the second gear is pressed all the time, the contact will be burned and the switch will be damaged in advance.

Why is there a slot in the middle of the car jack?
  It's used for positioning. You can feel a raised edge under the car. Put it in this groove, and the position is right.
  The real tire will change the mold once a week, so there is a four digit number on the tire that represents the year and week order. The mold of the fake tire is fixed, without this four digit number, the corresponding position is flat.

  When undoing the front engine cover, release it when it is 30cm high, let the engine cover fall down naturally and buckle the lock. Don't put it down gently and then press the buckle lock. The engine cover is relatively thin, and pressing hard will make a shallow pit.



Author: Wang ruofeng
Source: Zhihu